The trends and benifits of 5g in future

The trends and benifits of 5g in future

The outlook for 5G is extremely positive, as most mobile service providers are prepared to offer 5G and have already begun moving their devices in that direction.
Amon said that the Qualcomm team already has 5G coverage through Verizon in its San Diego campus. The Qualcomm team immediately noticed the higher speeds and lower latency on 5G, he said.
These benefits will allow 5G to enable a bevy of use cases, which involve more than just the smartphone, Amon said.

#5G use cases


4G transformed the music experience, allowing cell phone users to store a huge amount of music right on their devices. 5G, however, will bolster video streaming and consumption, Hanif said.
“Video is going to be like the first thing that people will see,” Amon said, “It’s going to make the streaming services [more popular]. It’s going to evolve into full broadcast because everyone will have a reliable connection. We’ll finally deliver on user content generation.

“Everyone will become a broadcaster because you’ll have the speed to upload high quality data to the cloud,” he said.

Mixed Reality

Moving beyond the smartphone, 5G will finally allow mixed reality to flourish.
With the smartphone, users are limited by the size of the screen. 5G will boost the power of hyperscale clouds, allowing for powerful companion devices that enable mixed reality, Hanif said.
“There is an evolution we’re seeing in mixed reality,” Amon said. “It’s very likely that you’re going to start to see devices that people can wear that look like eyeglasses.”
Amon gave the following example of how 5G mixed reality might be used: “Someone will able to walk into a meeting, and with facial recognition, immediately go to the cloud and look at all the different social networks to get information about the person they are meeting.”

“We’re going to have, almost like a ‘Black Mirror’ episode,” Hanif said. “The technology, it’s going to enable that.”
Automotive will see one of the biggest 5G transformations, Hanif said.


“[Transformations] ranges from fundamentally upgrading your navigation. Connecting to the other cars, connecting to the pedestrians, [connecting] to the cloud,” Hanif said. “You can populate the map with the location of all of those things, how they move, and how fast they move.

“The car company [will be] transformed into a cable operator, as you can actually distribute content to all the different screens in the car,” he added.
5G will enable a slew of use cases because it will give users the unlimited computing power necessary, the ability to augment data and store endless data within the cloud, Hanif said.

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