France: Three Dead In Knife Attack In Church, Woman Beheaded

France: Three Dead In Knife Attack In Church, Woman Beheaded

Authorities in France say a knife-wielding man has attacked a church in the city of Nice, killing three people and wounding several others.
According to the British news agency Reuters, the police have confirmed the report coming in the French media, while the mayor of Nice has called the incident terrorism.
Mayor Christian Estrusi said in a Twitter message that the knife attack took place near Notre Dame Church in Nice and that police had arrested the attacker.

Police say three people were killed and several were injured in the attack. The attacker cut a man’s neck with a knife. A minute’s silence was observed in the French parliament for those killed in the attack.
French President Emmanuel Michel is expected to arrive in Nice after the attack, according to the Associated Press.
It should be noted that on October 17, a teacher was beheaded by an attacker in Paris, the capital of France.

According to the AFP news agency, the French president had called the incident an act of terrorism.
After the attack, the police shot and killed the assailant while trying to arrest him.
Reacting to the beheading of a teacher, President Emanuel Mekhwan had said that “Islam as a religion is in crisis all over the world.”
He added that a bill would be introduced next December to strengthen the 1905 law and to separate the church from the state.
Many Muslim countries around the world, including Pakistan, have since staged protests in response to the French president’s statement, and this trend is continuing.

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