3 Revolutionary Technologies| blockchain | Ai | Data Science.

In all these 3 questions are the answer to the blockchain, data science, and artificial intelligence .bitcoin is the example of blockchain technology. Netflix is the biggest example of data science on how to use data for growing your business and google is the main example of artificial intelligence. Here is the short meaning of this all technologies: Blockchain:-Modern technology allows people to communicate directly voice and video calls, emails, pictures, and instant messages travel directly from A to B maintaining trust between individuals no matter how far apart they are when it comes to money people have to trust a third party to be able to complete a transaction BlockChain technology is challenging the status quo in a radical Way by using math and cryptography blockchain provides an open D centralized database. Any transaction involving value money goats property work or even votes creating a record whose authenticity can be verified by the entire Community the future global economy will move towards one of distributed property and Trust where anyone with access to the internet can get involved in blockchain-based transactions and third party trust organizations May no longer be necessary the use of blockchain technology are endless some expect. In less than 10 years, it will be used to collect taxes. It will make it easier for immigrants to send money back to countries where access to financial institutions is limited financial fraud will be significantly reduced as every transaction will be recorded on a public and distributed Ledger which will be accessible by anyone who has an internet connection think of it as wills and contracts that execute themselves or dated proof of existence for ideas much like a patent blockchain will be Become a global decentralized source of trust but not everyone is ready to embrace it a huge proportion of Trust Services from banking to notaries will face challenges on price volume and in some cases, their very survival public authorities could find it more and more difficult to enforce traditional Financial regulations due to the new possibilities offered by the Bitcoin Network to bypass traditional Financial intermediaries unimagine new networks will evolve to meet society’sNeeds more cheaply and potentially more securely will the government’s financial and legal institutions embraced long-chain what will happen to the ones who don’t. Artificial Intelligence:-Artificial intelligence refers to the vicinity of computer science whereby artificial human beings, i.e. the computers (machines) with the help of the designed computer program or the software programs imitate the way the human beings design, sketch and solve the complex problems. #AI #Robotics #blockchain #Netflix

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